Thursday, July 06, 2006

July Podcast Part 1

Finally, after a two-month hiatus, the podcast is back in full force! You can subscribe to our link for your iPod, or listen directly to the MP3

iPod feed:

1. James Figurine- 55566688833- Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake- Out July 11th
2. The Life Force Trio- Space Flowers- The Life Force Trio EP- Out Now
3. Roommate- Fresh Boys- Songs the Animals Taught Us- Out Now
4. Mia Doi Todd- Deep At Sea (Dntel Remix)- The Pink Sun EP- Out August 8th
5. Flying Lotus- Sao Paulo- 1983- Out in September
6. Tracks from the Vault: Languis- Never Now- The Four Walls- Out Now

The July Podcast Part 2 will be here on July 20th, so keep your eyes peeled!