Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dublab to Re-release Freeways

dublab presents: freeways

Six years after its initial release on Emperor Norton Records dublab is proud to announce the digital re-release of its first compilation album, "dublab presents: freeways." This visionary collection, produced by frosty & Carlos NiƱo, gave the world an early taste of many, now-familiar artists and defined dublab¹s future roots aesthetic. "freeways" is an inspired view into Los Angeles¹ vibrant musical landscape. It is a living time capsule that remains light years ahead.

The landscape presented on "freeways" is expansive. Glowing pockets of beauty from the wide sprawl of Los Angeles are merged into a unified spectrum. These diverse, progressive songs reflect every shade of creative California soul and provide a roadmap to infinite adventure. "dublab presents: freeways" continues to speed sweetly into the future.

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Yesterday's New Quintet - Dublab Presents - Freeways

1. Languis & Fer Chloca - the sky below
2. Daedelus- a mashnote
3. Mia Doi Todd - digital, version 2.1
4. Dntel - if i don't return
5. John Tejada - i'll see you in a place with lights
6. Mannequin Lung - is it live?
7. Yesterday's New Quintet - soul searchin'
8. Divine Styler - shen
9. Damon Aaron - don't get up again
10. Nowhereman (aka Nobody) - seathrough dolphin smile
11. Ammoncontact - chord (parts 1-2)
12. Skull Valley - death zone reflection
13. Adam Rudolph ­ nawa
14. Daedelus ­ lover¹s dub (digital bonus track)

³Essential and soon-to-be-recognized-as-seminal compilation.²

³This record proves you can use machines to extend the sounds of the body,
instead of using them to build up an ever-mightier electronic fortress.²

³A blissed out compilation of sun drenched music from the city of angels.²


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